Mount Bromo Jazz Tour Package 2020

Bromo Jazz Event is a Bromo Tour Package program while watching a performance or jazz folk party at Bromo. Which event has an annual nature of this jazz genre with ethnic nuances typical of Mount Bromo who are familiar with the habits of the Tengger tribe. The purpose of this mountain jazz is to hand over music with a nuance different to the usual nuances of the Bromo mountains which are cold and mixed with local ethnicities which are held on the exposed stage. Where the venue or venue for the jazz concert was held at Hotel Jiwa Jawa Resort Bromo Probolinggo, which used to have the name Java Hotel Banana Cafe and Gallery.

Jazz Mount Bromo 2020 Jazz Mountain is very popular with so many tourists in the world because the level is international, both domestic and foreign tourists are looking forward to this annual event. In advance the jazz bromo jazz ticket must have been prepared because the highest demand was. Including hotel accommodation, lodging, villas and homestays in the tourist area of ​​Mount Bromo will also be busy welcoming this most unique annual event. The density of visitors at this mountain jazz folk party will be felt once, judging in addition to enjoying the melodious cradle of jazz music, visitors will certainly explore the beauty and tourist attraction near Mount Bromo.

Among them are, watching the sun come out or bromo sunrise, climbing to the Mount Bromo Crater, the Sea of ​​Sand, Savana Meadow, Whispering Sand, Teletubis Hill and the very phenomenal is Bromo Milky Way Tour.

Mount Bromo Nature Tourism and the Tengger Mountains are a tourism potential that should be proud of by Indonesia. With the most unique characteristics and the most valuable traditions of Indonesia. Hospitality, mutual cooperation and the highest social values ​​become one with nature’s most valuable. Not surprisingly, this combination becomes more value to hold a special, classy and cultural concert. That is the main argument why mountain jazz in Bromo is so popular.

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