Batu Mekar Lingsar Lombok Rafting Tour

Are you confused about what to do in Lombok while on vacation? Come try rafting on a lingsar bloom offering views of lush rice fields and green hills and serve as a location for white water rafting. the swift flow of the river flanked by the rocks becomes a challenge for tourists to try white water rafting, Batu Mekar Village, Lingsar District.

Besides this lingsar blossoming stone tour also presents other tours namely in the field of agrow tourism, the course is a unique and interesting experience, and for the price also is definitely very cheap, this tour will certainly provide a new experience for you, indeed this lingsar blossoming stone area has potential tourism in the field of agro-tourism because of its vast area of ​​agriculture and plantations.

Lingsar District holds a lot of tourism potential that can be developed. One of them is Agro Tourism or agriculture / plantation tourism such as those in Sembalun which is more inclined to agricultural activities such as farming in rice fields and other social activities but in Lingsar District save more prominent tourism in Plantation.

Lombok Rafting Tours

The Lingsar Subdistrict consists of 10 villages that produce most of the fruit but the most productive are found in several villages including Karang Bayan Village, Kumbung Village, Batu Mekar and Duman Village, each of the villages mentioned is a prominent fruit producer in one Fruits such as, Batu Kumbung which produces Mangosteen Fruit because it has a group of farmers and has a fairly extensive mangosteen plantation area, for Durian there are many in Karang bayan while Rambutan is abundant in Batu Mekar and Duman.

For you and your family visiting this place will be treated to beautiful scenery and a quiet rural atmosphere on either side of the river being passed. Natural scenery with a swift river flow, especially for tourists who like white water rafting, Batu Mekar Village is one of the tourism options in Lombok that is worthy and interesting to visit.